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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bon voyage!

The view during a sail and kayak adventure on Tomales Bay on 26 August 2012.  From left to right are Tomales Point (the northern tip of Point Reyes), Bodega Head (in the far background through the mouth of Tomales Bay), and Tom's Point (with distinct trees).  Seals and pelicans (both species) are in the foreground.

A large flock of Brown Pelicans flying overhead.

A pretty hydromedusa in shallow water near shore.  This is a species of Aequorea, sometimes called a Crystal Jelly.  Note the many radial canals with pale blue gonadal folds.  This individual was ~8 cm across.

We were sailing with Nature today (sitting forward below) and wish her Bon voyage! on her upcoming journey to Washington, D.C. and beyond (including Antarctica!).

Safari njema! (in Swahili)

Oq yo'l (Happy journey in Uzbek) 

Cair Vie!  (Fair winds in Manx)

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my best to Nature as well !! c