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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Charles!

It seems appropriate to celebrate Charles Darwin's birthday with a few barnacle pictures.  He studied them for 8 years!  

Below are a few local barnacles all species that Darwin himself described (in 1854).

Giant Barnacle (Balanus nubilus) 

Pink Volcano Barnacle (Tetraclita rubescens) 

[Note the small white barnacle (Balanus glandula) in the lower right corner.  Darwin also described this species.]

Chthamalus fissus — Most obvious in the center of the image.  I can't wait to tell a story about this species in another post!  [Chthamalus dalli is the more common of the two Chthamalus species on Bodega Head.  But I'm showing Chthamalus fissus here because Darwin described it.]

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