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Monday, February 22, 2016

Which planet is this?

Planet Agate!

No, this photo wasn't taken with a telescope.  This is an extreme close-up of a beach stone.  When we lived in Oregon, we often found agates, or agatized rocks, on the beach.  But this is the first one we have found in the Bodega Bay area.

Check out the sparkling white crystals and the needle-like streaks:

I don't know enough about agates, but I'm wondering if the soft-looking formations along the edges make this a type of "plume agate"?  If you have more experience with agates, we'd love to learn more about how these structures are formed. 

Meanwhile, we'll continue to marvel at the beauty of this stone.


Annaliese Hettinger said...

WOW! I really did think it was a planetary picture before I read more. That is a truly exquisite agate.

Jackie Sones said...

Thanks, Annaliese! We agree...it's quite something! :D