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Monday, August 13, 2012


A little luck this morning resulted in a few nice in-flight photos of a Barn Owl.  Thanks to Kitty and Dane for alerting me to the owl's presence, and thanks to the fog for providing me with some cover.  While the owl was hunting further away, I hurried up next to a vertical antenna and tried to blend in.  The owl returned and flew very close to where I was "hiding."

I've read that Barn Owls sometimes return to a hunting location if they've been successful.  Perhaps this owl has been having some luck catching voles in the local grassland?


Anonymous said...

love that last shot !!

Anonymous said...

Just saw one this morning on the Head and googled it to find a picture. Amazing to watch them fly. Love your blog--I'm glad I found it and am looking forward to reading all the posts.