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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

From snow to petals

We returned to California today and took a short stroll in our backyard in Sebastopol late this afternoon.  It looks like it might have been warm and sunny while we were away.  There were a few nice patches of wildflowers under the redwoods.

Redwood Violet (or Evergreen Violet), Viola sempervirens 

Milk Maids (or Toothwort), Cardamine californica 

For the record, there have been a few observations of Milk Maids on Bodega Head, but no violets that I know of.
It felt a little strange to leave the New England snow this morning and to be admiring wildflower petals this afternoon!

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Leth Benz said...

Beautiful - thank you for sharing. I'm glad to hear you returned safely to California.