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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Action over the ocean

A few days ago, we were walking on the beach and I heard an interesting bird call from out over the ocean.  It's hard to describe how fast your brain can register these sounds.

I realized what it was, scrambled to get my camera out of the bag, and then just pointed towards the object that was closest to where the sound was coming from and started clicking.  This is the first shot I got: 

And then one of the birds flew by overhead: 

Although the light was dim, I liked the story, the action captured in the first photo, and the classic silhouette of a Peregrine Falcon in the second. 

Were these falcons in a territorial dispute?

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feral_Zach said...

I love your blog! Great story here too. It's very possible it was a dispute, either between a resident adult and a migrating bird that was passing through, or a resident and a migrant attempting to find a place to over winter here. The second photo is an adult bird.

I saw a similar scene in June a little further north, but it was some local hatch-year birds playing with each other. You can see some of those pics here: http://feralzach.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/sunset-under-a-falcons-playground/

Thanks for sharing.