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Monday, November 24, 2014

A new game

Here's a new game for you — Identify the prey in the pellet!

Below is a picture of a gull pellet.  Gulls cough up compacted pellets of previously swallowed prey parts that they can't digest.  Pellets are interesting because they offer clues about the gull's recent food items.  They're miniature treasure chests of mystery objects that tell a story about the gull's interactions.

Can you identify the different types of prey in this pellet?  I'll show you two pictures one of the pellet in its original state when I first found it.  And a second photo when I spread the pieces apart to make it a little easier to see the individual items.

If you're into playing games at different levels, the hardest level in this game would be to look at only the first photo (above) no peeking at the second photo (below)!  However, if you need some help (like I did), go ahead and look at the second photo, too.  I'll reveal the answers regarding some of the prey items tomorrow.

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