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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Different coasts

I grew up on a beach in southern New England — looking for sea glass among the beach stones, watching minnows in shallow salt marsh pools, searching the horizon for diving terns revealing the presence of Bluefish or Striped Bass, skipping stones across a tidal river, digging softshell clams in thick mud and feeling for quahogs with our toes, rolling down sand dunes, skating across cranberry bogs....and yes, handlining for cod from a skiff within sight of shore!  But it was not a place where we saw wild cats.

Here's me in the Provincetown dunes I can't remember the year, so I'll have to check with my mom.  It's somewhat appropriate to share a picture of me from long ago since my birthday's approaching three cheers for Capricorns!

And about that cat.

This Bobcat padded across our path in the middle of the day today.  Although I'm used to seeing Bobcats now, I'll never get tired of them.  They're so beautiful, and I'll always be curious about what they're up to.

This individual seemed to be listening intently, and then it lowered its head and started to sniff around some branches.  Its tail was twitching.  After it decided there wasn't enough of interest, it started walking faster and left the area.

Although at times the rufous coloration and the stripes and spots stand out, against other backgrounds you can see how they really blend in: 

I miss New England, but I'm thankful for these special moments learning about Lynx rufus.


Annaliese Hettinger said...

Wonderful picture of you! Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays!! and Happy early Birthday too.

Alice Chan said...

Love these photos of the Lynx rufus! One of my top-ten favorite critters, and it's wonderful to see such a healthy guy.