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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Did you enjoy the lightning and thunderstorms last night?  Because they're rare on the Sonoma Coast, for the record, here is an audio clip of a thunder roll and a very short video clip of lightning strikes from Bodega Bay on 2 December 2014.

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Be sure to turn up the volume of your speakers to hear the thunder!

Below is a short video clip of the lightning.  Lightning is rare in Bodega Bay, so this is for the record.  Note the bolts near the treeline in the lower left corner about 3-5 seconds, and again at about 13-14 seconds.

lightning_bodega_bay_2014 from Jackie Sones on Vimeo.

Hmmph.  This is the first time I've ever tried to post both video and audio files at the same time.  It doesn't seem to be working to put both in the same post.  I don't know how else to work around this other than to create a separate post with the audio file.  Sorry about this, but look (or listen!) for the thunder in the follow-up post after this one.

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John W. Wall said...

Nice long roll in that thunder. I got woken up in San Francisco by a clap but went right back to sleep and never saw a flash. My wife was kept up for some time, though, and heard lots of thunder and had to roll away from the curtained window because of all the flashing lightning. I never heard of a video posting without the audio, so there must be a simple explanation/solution.