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Friday, September 11, 2015

Mystery sound in the backyard

I wasn't going to post tonight, but then something happened and I couldn't help myself.

I'll post a sound clip first to see if you can identify the sound.  I realize this is basically impossible, but I thought you might like to consider the possibilities.  It might take an entire posse of listeners to figure this out!

[If you're reading this in an e-mail, click on the title of the post to access the sound file.]

Below is a place holder picture, while you think about the sound above.  Feel free to replay it a few times, if needed.  (Be sure to turn up your speakers, or wear headphones.)  The answer will be revealed after the next photo.

Okay, do you have a guess about the sound?  Do you possibly need some hints?  

The sound involves chewing and slurping...by a mammal that I haven't posted about yet.

The mystery sound is:

An Opossum (Didelphis virginiana) eating a peach!

We had been hearing a sound in the backyard at night.  Tonight it was very loud, so we went out to look around and spotted this Opossum under a peach tree.  It was just starting to eat a very ripe peach, and seemed very focused on the task.  So I got my recorder and documented the sound of the Opossum eating, and then I came back with a camera and took a couple of quick pictures in the dark.

The Opossum has been enjoying some very nice late-night snacks!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I got this one right!!! Thanks Jackie

Jackie Sones said...

Hooray! Nicely done, Carol! This morning I was worried that the sound was too hard. I'm so glad that you got it! :D

beachmama said...

Would never have guessed . . . the little bugger has good taste . . .