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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Colorful bubbles

A few more foam bubbles for you, because I just can't get over their colors!

Diversity of color:

Color from the side:

Intensity of color (the copper color is amazing!):

 Swirls of color:

Bubbles in a tidepool, with anemone tentacles below:

Watch for these colorful bubbles after strong northwest winds during the late winter and spring!


David Jones said...

Beautiful, they look like the homemade detergent variety so made from nature is awesome.

Claudia said...

You could call that first photo a self-portrait.

Jackie Sones said...

Yes, I learned something about the colors this time. The colors of the bubbles are much more intense when the bubbles are in the shade (out of the direct sun). I don't know why, but when I realized this, I worked from the "sun side" of the bubbles. This meant my reflection ended up in most of the bubbles. (It's almost always there, if you look for it!) Sometimes that's fun, but I'm also interested in highlighting the colors themselves (without me)...that's hard to do when you yourself are blocking the sun. And the bubbles have a way of "finding" you, no matter where you are!