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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pot of gold?

Evening Poppy (Hesperomecon linearis)

Maybe I should have shown this picture yesterday for St. Patrick's Day?

From the post about poppies on Bodega Head on 22 March 2012: Formerly known as Meconella linearis.  The common name has not been standardized.  Sometimes referred to as Popcorn Poppy or Carnival Poppy.  Hespero = evening or west, and mecon = poppy, hence the name above.  Of the six petals, the inner three are mostly white and the outer three are mostly yellow.  This is the rarest of the poppies on Bodega Head and is only found at a few sites in older, remnant stabilized dunes.  It's also rare in Sonoma County, with perhaps just one or two other known locations.

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John W. Wall said...

Such a cool flower. I thought it was a weird morph of cream cups at first. Looks like it's more common down south, and not all of them have the buttery coloration.