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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Red ribbon

That's a tail-end view (above).

Here's a little bit more (the red animal weaving diagonally across the photo below):

And the next picture shows the entire animal (contracted):

Although I've shown a few different nemerteans (ribbon worms) on the blog, these are my first pictures of a beautiful species called Cerebratulus montgomeryi.  The impressive length, the rich red color, and the white tip on the head (to the right) are helpful field marks.  (This individual was photographed in the low intertidal zone on Bodega Head on 7 July 2016.)

P.S.  For views of other local nemerteans, see Tubulanus sexlineatus, Micrura verrilli, and Micrura wilsoni.

P.P.S.  Hi, Serena!

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Serena Caplins said...

Hi Jackie!! :) What a lovely find, and a nice surprise for Worm Wednesday! Reminds me that I need to get on the outer coast more often....