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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

On the way to the post office

Some of you might remember last fall's posts about White-tailed Kites (Elanus leucurus) roosting in our neighborhood (see "Under and over the moon").  I haven't seen them yet this year, but I'm still hopeful they'll return.  

In the meantime, I've noticed a kite perching on a wire near Smith Brothers Road in Bodega Bay.  (Have you seen it, too?)  On the way to the post office today, I paused to take a picture:

Quite a beauty!


Bird of Paradise said...

That looks like a kite of some kind I guess the place is a flyway for many migrating birds the Pacific Flyway

Jackie Sones said...

Yes, it's a White-tailed Kite. A few pairs nest in the Bodega Bay area. White-tailed Kites also tend to be quite active in this region when dispersing after the nesting season, especially when there are lots of small mammals present. This is happening now, in mid-October 2016 -- a few individuals have been actively feeding on Bodega Head.