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Friday, January 13, 2017

Coming in for a landing

Carol mentioned she had seen a Bald Eagle near Spud Point Marina this afternoon.  So I kept an eye out for it when I went to the post office.  I didn't think I was going to see it, but then I noticed the eagle in my rear-view mirror perched on a utility pole.

I turned around and pulled up nearby and started taking some photos from the car (see below).  Then the eagle took off and flew over Bodega Harbor.  I think the eagle was chasing an Osprey (hoping to force it to drop a fish), but then, amazingly, I could see the eagle flying straight back towards the same pole that it had started on.  The picture above is of the eagle just before landing.


While perched, the eagle spent some time preening:

  Here's one more picture from the end of the preening session:

Thanks to Carol quite a few people were able to enjoy great views of this bird!  Maybe it will stay around for a little while.

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Anonymous said...

Those are awesome pictures, Jackie. Wish my cell phone could take photos like that!!!