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Friday, September 1, 2017

Some like it hot...

Wow — you know when the air temperature reaches 80°F in Bodega Bay that it's really hot.  (It's predicted to be 108°F in Cotati tomorrow!)

Here's something to distract you from the heat:

(I'll reveal more about it soon.)

Try to stay cool this weekend!


ianamke said...

I was kayaking Bodega Bay yesterday and in water 1 - 2 feet near the coast guard station, I came across hundreds of living sand dollars. Is this common for the bay? Also, do you know if sea pickles, pyrosomes, have been seen locally anywhere?
Thank you,

Jackie Sones said...

Hi, Ian!

Re: sand dollars. Yes and no! There have been sand dollars in the harbor for a few years now. But prior to that, sand dollars *weren't* found in the harbor. They are more common on the outside of Doran Beach (and other outer coast beaches).

Re: pyrosomes. I have not heard of any recent sightings of pyrosomes in this area.

:) Jackie