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Monday, February 13, 2012

Be mine

If you have read some of the earlier posts, you can probably tell that I'm mesmerized by ravens.  They're majestic and mysterious, and always seem to be up to something interesting.

On 12 February 2012, this male was perched on a rock outcrop.  A female landed nearby, then hopped up next to the male.  (I'm making an assumption about the genders based on the overall size, with the male being noticeably larger.)  She then proceeded to preen the male's throat feathers.

With a close up, you can see mud on both of their bills (see below).  They could have been probing for food, but I've read that ravens will sometimes line the bottom of their stick nests with mud and softer materials.  Could this pair have been nest building recently?

The female stopped preening the male, they both looked into the approaching storm, and then took off, gliding on updrafts above the sea cliffs.

♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥♥