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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Along the Coast Trail

We walked the Coast Trail at Point Reyes from Palomarin to Alamere Falls today.  Below are a few of my favorite images from the day.  

I believe there are records for all three of these species on Bodega Head. 

Wilson's Warbler (Cardellina pusilla)

Today we noticed several Wilson's Warblers gathering food, probably to feed their young.  It looks like the individual above (same bird in both photos) has a caterpillar and several flying insects.

A study in Marin County found that the number of feeding visits increases through the nestling period, e.g., on day 1 = 1.1 visits per nestling per hour; on day 3 = 3.3 visits per nestling per hour; and on days 5-8 = 12-15 visits per nestling per hour!  [Average brood size or number of nestlings is four.  Wilson's Warblers fledge (the young leave the nest) in about 10 days.]

Satyr Anglewing (Polygonia satyrus)

The Butterflies of Canada (Layberry et al. 1998) states that Satyr Anglewings "should be looked for in clearings in wooded areas with streams nearby where Stinging Nettle can be found."  This is exactly where we encountered this individual today.  (The nettles are the host plant for their caterpillars.)

Sonoma Chipmunk (Neotamias sonomae)

Some of you might laugh, but we were thrilled to see a chipmunk today.  We don't get to see them on Bodega Head, as they prefer forested areas (which Bodega Head lacks).  Eric observed this chipmunk with a bright red berry (about the size of a cranberry), but we're not sure what it was.

If I remember right, there might be a record for Sonoma Chipmunk on Bodega Head, but I'll have to follow up on that record.

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