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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Good grief!

It was very warm today, so I thought I might have a chance at finding an interesting moth tonight.  Sure enough, this one landed near an outdoor light in our yard in Sebastopol.  Check out those zigzag patterns!

The zigzags made me think of a sand painting, but they reminded Eric of Charlie Brown's shirt!  An appropriate connection for Sonoma County!  (See picture of Charlie Brown's shirt here.)

Many of you know how much I like close-up photographs of moth wings, so here you go:

I'm not familiar with this species yet, so I have just started to work on the identification.  (My first leaning was towards a species of Dysstroma?)  I'll update it here if I can figure it out.  If you know what species this is, feel free to submit a comment or to e-mail me.

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