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Thursday, May 21, 2015

albus & cocoa

After field work today, Eric spotted a couple of nice nudibranchs.  It was a fun combination of species, named after two contrasting colors.

The first was a White Dendronotus (Dendronotus albus).  The standout feature of this species are the cerata (dorsal projections) on the back — "delicately branched" and tipped with white and orange. 

The second species was a Chocolate Cuthona (Cuthona cocoachroma).  Note that the centers of the cerata are chocolate brown.  The frosted white tips of the cerata are also distinctive.

Both of these nudibranchs were feeding on hydroids in tidepools in the low intertidal zone. 

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S.Hunter said...

Hi Jackie, great finds! I went out tide pooling at Fort Ross cove and North, and found what I think is a Sea lemon up there. Couldn't get the best picture as it was in a dark little nook, but was thorough please to find one at all! I also spotted a large cluster of (my first) strawberry or club-tipped anemones, Corynactis californica. I'd love to share the images, I'll email. Thanks for this wonderful blog!