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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Bearded One

Intriguing, isn't it?  Pretty little tufts of narrow filaments at intervals along the branch.

Here's a slightly zoomed out view:

Meet Dasya binghamiae (formerly Pogonophorella californica quite a name change!).  Not only is this a fun seaweed, but this individual represents a new record for Sonoma County, and the northernmost record of this species in California!

Congratulations are due to Peter Connors for noticing a seaweed that looked "different."  It was growing on the South Jetty (at the entrance to Bodega Harbor).  Although it had been documented in Marin County near the Estero de San Antonio in 1912 and in Tomales Bay in 1995 — it hadn't been observed in Sonoma County until 18 June 2015.

I am familiar with another species of Dasya from the East Coast, whose common name is Chenille Weed.  I haven't seen a common name for Dasya binghamiae.  How about Tufted Dasya?

Its former name, Pogonophorella, basically means "a bearer of beards," presumably for all of those little tufts.  So I suppose another possible name could be Bearded Dasya.  Which name do you like?  Can you come up with something better?

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