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Saturday, April 23, 2016


I first introduced Violet Sea Snails (Janthina janthina) on 16 March 2016.  So far, this is the rarer of the two Janthina species to appear in this area in 2016.  We've seen more than a thousand Purple Sea Snails (Janthina umbilicata) this year, but only three Violet Sea Snails.  

These pictures show a Violet Sea Snail that I found on 22 April 2016.  The first picture is a view from the side.  Next, a view from above, highlighting the amazing bubble raft of this snail.  Both pictures were taken in a small aquarium.  The shell is ~12 mm across.

We don't know how many more sea snails will appear this year, but if there are southerly winds, keep your eyes open for these pelagic beauties!  (I'd love to hear about any sightings.)

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