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Sunday, June 5, 2016

A greenish glow

It's always exciting to see an octopus.  Eric spotted this one this morning (5 June 2016).  It was in a low tidepool with lots of surfgrass (Phyllospadix sp.).  Perhaps the octopus was matching the greenish background of the surfgrass?  

The green coloration was beautiful.  Below is a closeup of the eye and surrounding skin.

Recently, a number of octopus like this one (Octopus rubescens) have been observed in local tidepools.  Perhaps it will be a good year for octopus?

P.S.  This is a bit of a prelude to World Oceans Day on June 8th.  How will you celebrate the oceans?

1 comment:

GSS said...

That's really neat,can't believe they would come so close to shore in a tidal pool
I think you guys notice so much more that the average Jo would walk right by-I am beginning to observe more closely the sea life in the Essex Ruver(MA) when wade fishing for stripers.