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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Happy face

Well, what do you know...we were doing field work tonight when we noticed a little face just offshore looking our way.

We had to keep working, but then out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the River Otter was getting out of the water and onto a patch of surfgrass:

The light was dim, and this was a distant view, but I'm not sure I have a picture of a River Otter in the rocky intertidal zone yet...so here's one!

The otter had caught something and it proceeded to eat its prey (a fish?) in a more protected channel among the kelp:

This series of photos was a fun follow-up to last night's post "Happy feet" about River Otter tracks.

P.S.  And for some additional information about River Otter tracks, see the post from 2 April 2013.


Alice Chan said...

I love to see this!

Anonymous said...

Where did you see the otter, i.e., what beach?

Jackie Sones said...


For more info, write to me directly at naturalhistoryphotos@gmail.com.