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Sunday, March 26, 2017

An ode to Stumpy

If you've spent a lot of time some place, you'll appreciate the feeling of recognizing certain features of the landscape.  It's easy to start checking in on them — to say hello, and to watch them change over time.

And so we present an ode to "Stumpy" a large driftwood stump that washed ashore on Salmon Creek Beach in 2012.  During our surveys there, Eric and I noted Stumpy's location and position, and I took random photographs during the past five years.

Below you'll find a selection of photographs in chronological order.  Note that the position and orientation of the stump changed a lot over the years, and sometimes it was quite buried in the sand.







Stumpy headed back out to sea around 20 February 2017.  Who knows where Stumpy will end up, but if you happen to see our friend, say a big "Hello!" for us.


Anonymous said...

Wow. In a couple of those shots, it looks like a barnacle!


John W. Wall said...

Love this. Stumpy had a lot of driftwood company for a little while there.

Jackie Sones said...

Thanks, Carol and John!

I agree -- it does look like a barnacle in some of those photos!

And yes -- the El Nino storms brought lots of driftwood to the beach. Although "Stumpy" has gone on to other adventures, we're now tracking "Methuselah" -- another story for a future post!

:) J.

Darris said...

What a great photographic project . . . I take photos of the shifting sands and dunes, rocks and such on Doran Beach but I love that you have a history of "Stumpy" . . .