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Friday, August 4, 2017

Monsoonal moisture

At this time of year, rain is rare in Bodega Bay, but the forecast called for a chance of showers.  When I drove into work this morning, there was a nice view of raindrops at the north end of Bodega Harbor:

The surface of the harbor was fairly calm, so it was intriguing to see the detailed patterns of interacting ripples.  [Click on the images for larger versions.]

NWS marine forecast descriptions can be relatively "dry," but today's forecast included some nice phrasing:
"Echoes of precipitation can still be observed over the coastal waters. Expecting chances [of] showers and isolated thunderstorms to last into this evening as monsoonal moisture continues to pass over the region."

I especially liked "echoes of precipitation" and "monsoonal moisture."

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Lotsoflux said...

How lovely the images and how very observant to note those echoing ripples of precipitation.