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Monday, May 28, 2018

Little pups

We went for a short beach walk at the end of the day today (28 May 2018).  Eric noticed a spider that looked a little different:

Did you notice how the abdomen looks "fuzzy"?  This spider is carrying its young, so those are tiny little spiderlings clinging to their mother. 

Some of the young spiders let go and started running (and I mean running!) among the sand grains.

One stopped briefly in an empty mussel shell:

Here's an even closer view of this spiderling that's smaller than a sand grain (an admittedly large sand grain):

I'm not sure about the identity of this spider, but I'm guessing it's a species of wolf spider (Family Lycosidae).  If you're familiar with it, I'd love to learn which species it is.

1 comment:

MaggieR said...

it's striking to me how neatly the pups are arranged on the mother's back..like pinecone scales.