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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Getting closer

The little octopus are getting closer to hatching.  Most of the embryos that we're tracking have now used up all of their external yolk.  In the next two images, look for the individual that lacks the white ball of yolk.  [These pictures were taken on Day 85.]

In the photo above, the outer two octopus are still gripping small white balls of yolk, but in the middle octopus you can't see any external yolk; all you can see are tiny arms above the eye.

These are different individuals, but the same is true.  The center octopus lacks external yolk.

Have any of you been wondering about the adult octopus?  Most of the time she sits in the same place, completely covering the festoons of eggs hanging from the inside of her mussel shell den.  

On rare occasions she moves to the side so we can catch a glimpse of her brood.  This happened a few days ago, so I took a few pictures for the record.  Although taken through an aquarium, I think you'll still be able to see her and the developing embryos.

Above, you can see her pale orange arms (with suckers) on the right, her eye (with white lower lid) in the center, and all of her silvery embryos to the left.  

Sometimes the embryos would turn red, see next picture, especially the ones just to the left of her eye.

Do you think she knows that the hatching date is getting closer?  If so, how does she know?

P.S.  For back story, click here.

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