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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Triceratops with sunglasses?

Eric noticed this interesting moth on our screen tonight.  When I looked at it from below, I was somewhat surprised to see the dramatic flare behind the headit reminded me of the dinosaur Triceratops!

Here's another head-on view, this time from farther away:

I'm not sure which species this is yet, but the markings on the wings seem pretty distinctive.  Below is a side view:

The larger bright white marking reminded me of a pair of sunglasses.  :)

Here's one more close-up.  I hope to have time to try to figure out the identification tomorrow.  If you're familiar with this species, let me know!

ADDENDUM (20 June 2018): I did a quick Internet search and I believe this is a Bilobed Looper Moth (Megalographa biloba).  I searched via Google Images with a phrase like, "california moth with white sunglass marking on wing"...and it turned up immediately!  Hard to believe that actually worked!

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