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Monday, April 28, 2014

Pass it on

This afternoon, we noticed a raven washing a food item in a shallow fountain pool in Occidental:

Seconds later, another raven flew in, and the first bird passed the food item to the second bird!

They flew off, but returned later, and the same thing happened the larger individual fed the smaller individual.  Here are two pictures showing that sequence:

Is this a male feeding a female?  Or an adult feeding a juvenile?  The smaller bird appeared all glossy to me, and I'd expect some duller feathers on a juvenile, but I don't have much experience judging the age of ravens.  Below is one more picture of both birds.  What do you think is going on with this interaction?


Asian Mussel said...

With no avian training whatsoever (with the exception of a few penguin related forays), I'm guessing it's a parent feeding a juvenile.

Just seems more plausible, no?

Thyme Pomagranite said...

in my limited experience with young crows (a bit different I realize) juveniles can be quite glossy,and appear quite mature even when they cont. to beg for food.

Jackie Sones said...

I agree that it seems more likely to be an adult feeding a juvenile. We've seen them a few more times today, and I've been trying to observe more clues. I'll keep looking!