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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Gold or bronze?

Marbled Godwits (Limosa fedoa), Bodega Harbor, 19 February 2018

(Click on the photo for a larger and sharper version.)


Anonymous said...

This is a really awesome picture!!


Jackie Sones said...

Thanks, Carol! I got lucky with this one. When I was trying to photograph the terns, a very large flock of godwits flew by very close to me...and one of the pictures came out in focus!

:) Jackie

WallaWalla said...

Your very own M. C. Escher!

Jackie Sones said...


So...which Escher do you think is the closest match?

Check out some nice examples here --


:) Jackie

WallaWalla said...

What a great Escher website--did not realize he had done SO many of them. I think Bird/Fish #22 was the one I saw in my mind's eye, because of the shape of the wings (but, of course, you have no fish . . .)
I just love the ones that have their wings up and the ones that have their wings down, making the most beautiful rhythm; and all those pink bills in parallel. An amazing photo.
Again--thank you for your wonderful posts!