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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Just for you

Calandrinia menziesii (formerly Calandrinia ciliata)
photographed on Bodega Head on 13 February 2018

  Happy Valentine's Day!  
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WallaWalla said...

Thank you--for today's lovely flower and for all your wonderful photos! Each day I enjoy finding your new posts (the recent sunset photo was spectacular) and I say a silent "Thank you, Jackie!" But, of course, I don't write and tell you as often as I should.

Jackie Sones said...

Thank you! I see the blog as a "two-way street." Although it's hard to know who's looking at the pictures, I always wonder and I hope that the images are making people smile and encouraging people to look around and find beauty and intrigue in the natural world. :)

Anonymous said...

Jackie, really superb photo of th tiny flower commonly called Red Maids.
Did you know it's called Calandrinia menziesii now? I consulted Calflora...
Anywho, I was once informed that the native peoples ( ahem- females )
would adorn their nails with th petals. How romantic!
Alexandra ( your fan )

Jackie Sones said...

Hi, Alexandra!

I hadn't known about the name change, so thanks! Both species names are interesting, and I'm always happy to give a nod to Archibald Menzies.

Thanks again!

:) Jackie