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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Keep your eyes open

I was sitting down to think about what I might post about tonight, when I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye.  A jumping spider appeared on the edge of my computer screen!  Not a digital one, a real one!

It was a good opportunity for a few close-ups.  The spider was upside down, but it was a great view of those beautiful eyes!  And I love the little rim of hairs wrapping around the perimeter of the eyes.  (Do the hairs help keep the eyes clean, like eyelashes?)

Then the spider went on a journey across the table (before being escorted outside).  Here it is on a napkin:

And a dorsal view on a place mat:

I appreciated the timely visit from this charismatic spider.

P.S.  I think I first wrote about the Red-backed Jumping Spider (Phidippus johnsoni) on 30 January 2013 see the post called "Zip line".

1 comment:

beachmama said...

I love these guys and really enjoyed your close up images! They're usually so quick and difficult to observe so appreciate a closer look ; )