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Sunday, January 21, 2018

A visit by the local team

We were doing some chores at home today (and watching some football on the side).  There was a steady stream of birds visiting the bird bath in the backyard.  I couldn't resist taking a few quick pictures of these Bushtits (Psaltriparus minimus):

A male (note his dark eyes):

 A female (note her pale eyes):

And a male and a female side-by-side:

I'm not exactly sure why, but we tend to see lots of activity at the bird bath when it's cold outside (there was frost this morning), and when it's raining (it started early this evening).


Alice Chan said...

Lovely, and so much fun.
We always enjoy the Bushtit pool-parties at our bird bath.

Jackie Sones said...

Thanks, Alice! A Bushtit Pool Party is a good way to describe it!

Bushtits are so fast -- in and out, in and out...here and there, here and there...this way and that way, this way and that way...and now off we go!

:) Jackie

Mary Keefe said...

Love them!