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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Lately, reading or listening to the news can be depressing and disheartening.  But today I heard part of a story about Hugh Masekela.  He passed away today, but it was inspiring to learn about him and to listen to some of his music.  Although he's known for many different songs, tonight I was drawn to a more recent video that was available on his website.

If you'd like to see the video, you can watch it here.  (When it opens, just hover over the Mercedes-Benz banner and then click on the "X" to close the banner.)

Here's what I thought while I was watching this video:

Celebrate your world

Celebrate your music

Celebrate your voice

Celebrate your spirit

Now that's much better than most of the news these days!  

P.S.  Thanks to Marco Werman and PRI's The World for reminding us of Hugh Masekela's story today. 

1 comment:

Mary Keefe said...

Thanks Jackie for starting our day with the beautiful video celebrating Hugh Masekela! Reminded me of our Sonoma coast in many ways.